1. It improves soil structure.

2. it also helps in superiror generation and the growth of roots which yields to good crops.

3. It increase water holding capacity of soil which reduces the expenditure on irregation

1. Sugarcane like crops can be protected from mouse and other such species

2. Using organic mannure , we can protect crops from termite, bada need etc and can increase capacity of disease sesistance.

Bagan Shakti is one of a product from Ganesh Biocham Private Limited. The Company with an objective of creating greener world, has started its operations in organic fertilizers. These products will help to re-create the 'Organic' Revolution and contribute to the greener world.

Ganesh Biocham was initially started by a visionary businessman Mr. Chandra kumar Jalan, who started the company to cater the need of organic agriculture in India. Mr. Jalan belongs to the family that has the business of trading in agriculture produce since 104 years. He is the 5th generation in family business. The group owns other business in the feild of supply chain and logistics, industrial supplies financial consultancy, etc. This passion for contribution to society motivated him to start the business of organic manure.

Organic manures are natural products used by farmers to provide food (plant nutrients) for the crop plants. There are a number of organic manures like:

1. Farmyard Manure
2. Green Manures
3. Compost prepared from crop residues